02 March 2015

Pardon Our Dust

This is the new home (and new name) of my spaceflight history blog Beyond Apollo. After three years with WIRED, it's time to try new things. I want to have a go at crowdfunding this blog. Please stay tuned for further developments!


  1. Took some Googling to find you since Wired didn't mention your leaving. Put out a tip jar/paypal and I'll chip in. Good luck on the new gig and on the new book.

  2. A bit late but here I am. Good luck (again) and keep us posted about the crowd-funding and the book!

  3. ... and thank you for linking my blog - I'm gonna return the favor.


    1. Simone:

      It wasn't possible at WIRED or I would have linked a long time ago. I've dumped Twitter so links from other sites will be crucial for promoting my site. So, I thank you for linking!



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