28 May 2016

Welcome Back

Image credit: Boeing/NASA
Back in March, I was very close to abandoning this blog, having grown tired of seeing my work used by others in various ways without even a nod in my direction. I stated as much in a whiny post (now deleted; it served its purpose) and was surprised when readers responded with helpful suggestions and kind encouragement. For that, I thank you.

I kept your comments. I intend to refer to them as this blog moves forward.

Your kind words plus the vacation from writing seem to have done the trick; I'm at work now on a post taking in two advanced propulsion studies, one from 1997 and the other from 2001. It also features the film and book versions of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I think it will be a fun post. Please watch for it in the days ahead.

Many of you offered to contribute funds to support this blog. I might take you up on that eventually, but for now I think it best that I prove that I am going to keep on posting regularly.

The sheer volume of spaceflight history remaining to be explored is daunting. I could write a new post every day for the next decade and just scratch the surface.

Enough procrastination. There are important stories waiting to be told.